American-made steel has been the foundation of the nation’s economy for more than a century, and today’s steel is up for the job of creating the future: it’s light, modern and strong, and there is nothing else like it.

Our steel industry today faces major challenges. Exporters of steel send their product to our country under free trade pretenses, but the truth is actually much different. Many steel exporters are propping up their industries with below-market financial support and other unfair trade practices.

Many nations export steel into the United States that could be sub-standard in quality, made by workers under conditions that would not be tolerated in this country and by companies that are often state-owned. This stacks the international trade structure against American manufacturing, American workers and consumers. While the U.S. steel industry must compete on an unfair playing field that threatens more than jobs: it threatens communities, American safety and an entire industry that has lost nearly 50,000 jobs since the year 2000.

Majestic Steel USA believes that we are beyond the point of accepting this misguided and unfair concept of “fair trade.” In fact, for many global industries, particularly steel, the current environment supports “unfair trade.”

The domestic steel industry produces the lowest cost and highest quality steels of any nation. We now make more than 60 percent of steel produced from recycled material and have innovated the production process for efficiency and sustainability.

With the current Administration’s pledge to rebuild our infrastructure – now made acute with the rebuilding of Houston, one of Majestic’s home bases — we must act now to ensure that free, but truly fair, trade rules are enacted so that the U.S.A. can remain safe, secure and independent while we accelerate job growth and our economy.

Majestic and our many associates, customers, suppliers and partners across the country lead the way in understanding America’s global trade challenges and are developing policy solutions to ensure that American-made steel propels the American economic engine and protects our great nation.