Todd M. Leebow

Todd Leebow is president and CEO of Majestic Steel USA, an Ohio-based nationwide steel service center and master distributor of steel, which has operated at the heart of the American steel industry since 1979. Majestic provides the essential building component – modern, light and strong steel – to thousands of customers, including manufacturers at the core of U.S. construction, national defense, transportation, energy, agriculture, appliance and equipment fabrication. This market reach provides the company a unique and broad perspective on the American and world economies, particularly relating to job creation and international trade.

Todd Leebow joined the company in 2007 at a time when the industry faced heightened foreign competition. Todd discarded the plans to dispose of the company and positioned Majestic at the intersection of manufacturing and technology. While others turned to imported steel on pricing pressure, Majestic stood by American steel mills, and today under Todd’s leadership, the company purchases more than 90 percent of its product domestically.

Under his intense commitment to modernize Majestic, Todd, now 32, empowered his workforce, infused technology throughout the company, and introduced data-driven systems, analysis, and real-time analytic tools more commonly associated with Silicon Valley than what many characterized as an “old economy business.” Todd is a businessman, entrepreneur, innovator and philanthropist who believes passionately in America. This powerful Majestic analytic data provides visibility into the implications of steel trade policies and their potential impact on U.S. interests, including, American jobs and economy, national defense, infrastructure, manufacturing, foreign relations, and the steel industry itself. He continually innovates business through his leadership decisions at Majestic, giving back to the community, and reinvesting in the American steel industry, that builds, protects, supports and shelters our nation.

Majestic purchases steel from every domestic mill and maintains one of the largest inventories of coated steel in the United States. The company procures, stocks, processes, and distributes nearly a billion pounds of steel annually to more than 6,000 locations nationwide. Founded by Todd’s father, Majestic’s distribution network touches almost every state in the continental U.S., as well as, locations across Canada and Mexico. The company operates facilities located in Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida and Alabama, and extends its reach with additional offices in Georgia, Tennessee, Colorado and Minnesota.

Majestic works with more than 400 common carriers across the country and their thousands of truck drivers. The company also supports the jobs of thousands more American workers who depend upon steel – the true backbone of America – including the metals industry that thrives on the planet’s most recycled material, steel.

A product of the Cleveland-area public schools and the University of Miami, Todd was officially named president and CEO of Majestic in 2012. He has continued to expand the company, building the brand and Majestic’s advanced, data-driven infrastructure, increasing sales and acquiring businesses. Beyond its responsibilities to associates and customers, Majestic is committed to making America a better – and safer – place to live and work. Its dedication to community and charitable causes has earned Majestic 11 Best Place to Work awards. Todd has cultivated a collaborative team culture and Majestic today continues to employ many multi-generational family members.