Todd M. LeebowPresident and CEO, Majestic Steel USA

Todd Leebow, President and CEO of Majestic Steel USA, is an American industrialist from Cleveland, Ohio. Now 32, Todd stands at the helm of the family business founded in 1979 by his father out of a small office on Carter Street in Solon, Ohio.

Todd attended public school in Cleveland. As a hard worker and fast learner, he quickly advanced into an accelerated program, but his education didn’t end when the school bell rang. At home, a classroom unto itself, Todd was a student of steel and diligently observed the family business and the industry.

Todd’s career path took a cross-country route before bringing him back to Cleveland. With a passion for sports and entertainment, Todd studied business management and entrepreneurship at the University of Miami.

Todd’s entrepreneurial vision led him from Florida to Los Angeles where he launched an independent film production company. Ever a student, Todd learned on the job and strived to simultaneously educate and entertain through vivid storytelling. In 2007, upon the request of his father, Todd put away his camera to run the family business. He was 22.

It wasn’t long before Todd saw the opportunity to de-commoditize steel through culture and innovation by using technology to develop market intelligence. Over time, Todd continued to modernize Majestic, crafting it into a business capable of withstanding the global economic recession that began in 2008.

Todd didn’t rest on his early successes, and instead chose to double down and re-invest in the business by hiring new employees, building a new headquarters office and plant, and developing proprietary software to run the business through custom web portals and mobile apps that were built in-house. In recognition of its leadership and relentless pursuit of innovation, Majestic won multiple top workplace awards for Northeast Ohio.

Under Todd’s leadership, Majestic developed robust market intelligence, research and analytics capabilities that continue to guide the business through the volatile and declining U.S. steel industry. Even in the midst of the downturn, in a market flooded by imports, Majestic remained focused on growth and expansion. Majestic acquired Flatrolled Steel Inc., based in Texas, in 2013.

Todd believes passionately in America and American steel. His vision to return steel to its place at the front of American industry will create jobs, self-sustaining local communities and rebuild our nation’s infrastructure. Todd has subsequently diversified his ventures and investments, beyond a core business that could be leveraged and scaled across nearly every industry to realize his dream of a thriving Cleveland and prosperous America.

A natural born leader, visionary and businessman, Todd doesn’t fear failure. Leveraging his knowledge of government trade and polices and long-term investments, which position the company for growth, Todd is uniquely able to focus on the present without losing sight of the future. His vision, instinct and work ethic allow him to dissect global market movements, take calculated risks and successfully manage Majestic through even the most challenging of times.