CLEVELAND, OH – Todd Leebow, President and CEO of Majestic Steel USA – a Cleveland, Ohio-based steel service center and master distributor of steel – released the following statement regarding President Donald J. Trump’s tariff proclamation:

“For far too long, the United States has been a dumping ground for the world’s overcapacity of steel. The trade action taken today is an important step forward in transforming that dumping ground into a level playing field for America’s steel industry. By signing steel tariffs today, President Trump is empowering our country to finally fight back in the trade war already launched against us by cheating countries like China. I applaud the Administration for recognizing the critical importance of a strong domestic steel industry for our country’s economic and national security.

“While today’s proclamation will help protect American steelworkers from illegal dumping and circumvention schemes, the fight for our industry is only getting started. I look forward to continued work with Administration officials to develop a long-term plan that ensures the success of America’s steel industry and the downstream manufacturers bolstered by its work.”


Leebow, a leading advocate for the domestic steel industry, has written recent columns on Section 232China’s war against American steel, the current state of the American steel industry, and the opportunity for change under President Trump.